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Repairing and Reinstalling Window screens

Window screens provide fresh air during the summertime while not allowing any bugs to enter you home. Window screens are especially important because they can increasingly bring down your electricity cost by giving you the option of opening the window during warm days inside the house to allow a nice breeze in rather than turning on the ac.

But this useful tool can sometimes be damaged and torn by the weather, normal wear and tear, pets, children and etc. Usually this would not be a problem because many damaged window screens can be repaired by professionals like handymen. At times when the damage is too serious like a big tear, a replacement is required.

heres what you need to know about replacement of a window screen...

Window Screen options

Traditionally window replacement are made up of a fabric which in the modern time are not considered very effective. In the markets there are many different types of window screens which can make it hard to choose. But a handyman can easily find the right type of window screen according to your preferences which lessens the hassel of this process immensely.

Window screens can vary from what they are made of, to their functionality. For example window screens can come in copper, aluminum, fiberglass, see through or even a fun colored screen! In addition to blocking out the bugs some special window screens are able to also block uv harmful uv rays that can cause serious health issues.

Which is better? Replacement or Repairing a window screen.

Most times when this question comes to mind, it is most often best to replace the window screen because it is a long term fix and if a tear or whole is left unseen when repaired it can give way to many small unwanted insects. Plus the cost of a replacement is surely to pay for itself in the long run so it can be considered an investment into your home or space.

Diy or professional window screen replacement?

Unless you have undeniable handyman skills it is recommended to consider a handyman for this task. Although replacing a window screen can look like an easy job, it is best to let a professional handle this situation. A professional handyman like those in southern handyman, has earned many experiences jobs such as this one by having worked on similar situations with their previous clients. When you put trust in a handyman to get this job done for you, you can be rest assured that the end product will be very clean and professionally done.

At southern handyman services LLC we guarantee you with top quality work and nothing less while keeping our prices at a very affordable range to be able to offer help to a wider range of people. We also understand that time is a very important aspect of our clients time so we make sure to complete the work in a timely matter without a single error. Free estimates are given as a show of appreciation for choosing us to help get the job done.

Our window screen replacements and/or repairs are available in Baytown, Bay Area, Beaumont, Conroe, Deer Park, Galveston, Huntsville Spring, Pearland, Huntsville, Houston, Brazosport, Clear Lake Bay, Sugar land, Tomball, Texas city, Cypress, Katy, Cinco ranch, Pasadena, League City, Alvin, and Lake Jackson.

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